One of the best TV shows I have ever watched is AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Initially, I refused to watch it for the first year, thinking that it was nothing more than shock horror with lousy production values.  Boy was I wrong.  TWD is a fascinating look into the psychology of the human condition.  It takes a mature, educated approach to what happens when there is no more government, law enforcement, or a functioning society that provides order with an animal that is naturally self-destructive.  The main titles designed by Prologue Films and then later updated by Yu+co incorporate a frantic paranoia into their presentation that often times gives the feeling that you are looking through either a survivor’s eyes or a walker’s eyes; running in fear or hunting for the next victim.  Items that have significance in the show are prominently displayed, some of which the viewer instantly recognizes and recalls what has happened to its owner, while others are new and serve as foreshadow to events that have yet to be played out.  The truly brilliant thing about this approach, is you never once see a walker or anything having to do with gore; rather, they let your mind fill in the gaps.


I was inspired to create my own version of The Walking Dead main titles as a homage to the series.  It was a great opportunity to use my skills as a photographer & videographer in a scary motion graphics medium.  A lot of the places you see in the video freaked me out while I was there shooting, giving me the “heeby-geebies” despite having a crew there helping me.  My homage takes place in between Season 2 & 3, with items that represent what transpired at the end of season 2 and what I thought may occur in season 3.  Overall a really fun creative exercise.