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Joygasm Podcast Ep. 33: Micro Transactions, Nintendo Gets Sued, Changes to the Xbox Achievements, Overwatch, Gamescom, & More

By August 13, 2017Podcasts

Hot on the heels of our last topic of the day revolving around Digital Content Gatekeepers vs. Consumers – Micro Transactions segues the chatter into what works and what doesn’t in the gaming world. ¬†Throw in some hot topics like Nintendo getting sued, Friday the 13th game removing team killing, possible changes coming to the Xbox Achievement system, Starcraft 2 being used for AI research, a healthy dose of Overwatch, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, updates to the Netflix / Disney saga, Avengers 4 teaser, AND the Hannibal tv show getting a new season and you’ve got yourself an earful! ¬†Time to get your Joygasm on…

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