Ep. 101: Our Favorite Games of 2018

By December 24, 2018Podcasts

2018 will go into the history books as arguably THE BEST year for gaming, eclipsing even 2017, which many thought held the title

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. We’re sure 2019 has a lot in store that will culminate into being a contender for the same title, but for right now, we thought it’d be fun to hit the pause button, invite Patreon supporter / our good old friend Braaaaaaad onto the show, and do a Round Robin of each of our top 5 games, with #1 being our favorite game of 2018 (Released first to http://www.patreon.com/joygasm supporters on 12.23.18).


00:54 – Segments covered in this episode
02:52 – What we’ve been playing / watching
30:07 – This Week In Gaming & Movie Anniversaries
37:56 – Topic Of The Day / Our Favorite Games Of 2018

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