The first time I had heard about Family Guy was during my employment at Screenlife Games.  The art lead of the project asked me to create the ending motion graphics for both “Team Stewie” & “Team Brian”, which was a lot of fun to do research for.  It wasn’t long before everyone began talking to each other in Family Guy voices on a daily basis, whether it was the design team, producers, game designers, or production.  This project took place back in 2006 and was part of the Screenlife Games “DVD Blast!” lineup (hence the 640×480 resolution).  We were fortunate to have Seth MacFarlene do all of the VO work for the project as well as make himself very accessible for any needs that came up, which ultimately made the game that much more authentic.  My main contribution was in 3D Studio Max, modeling and animating the various assets to give it the show’s unique 2D presentation.

Family Guy DVD Blast!