Brown + Partners, an advertising agency in the design district of Dallas, was putting together a project for their client, Zales. The focus was on their “Engagement Collection” of diamond rings.  Ultimately, the goal was to put together a comprehensive package that included both print materials for their catalog promotions as well as a ViDoc presence to help build awareness & user engagement via social media.  I had the unique task of combining two different approaches; on one hand, the client was interested in capturing high production values, mimicking what a viewer would see in a commercial.  On the other hand, they also wanted to capture a behind the scenes glimpse of the crew, giving a tangible, accessible presentation that engages the viewer into the process of what goes into making the latest Zales catalog


Film Production

The Canon Mark III with an assortment of lenses was used for the ViDoc sequences.  Once the Brown+Partners staff Photographer completed a set, I stepped in to direct the models & crew for the video portions.

Secondary Photography Unit

In addition to shooting the ViDocs, I was also able to contribute with the Secondary Photography Unit, getting macro & texture oriented B roll photos.

Hand Selected Music

Thoughtful consideration was used in choosing music for the “Passion” and “Twilight” videos.  Finding the right song is an important component to the post process as it defines the soul, enhancing the visuals.

Online Marketing Campaign

The Video Documentaries were shot for online social marketing purposes; certain parts were shot to look like excerpts from a commercial while other parts showcased more of a behind the scenes montage.

Video Editing

Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects were used during post.

Client Relations

This was a unique situation in that my direct client was Brown+Partners, who needed my services to in order to pitch a ViDoc social campaign to Zales, one of their main clients.



This ViDoc segment is titled “Splash” and was the first production in the three part “Zales Engagement” video series. Dew drops, the morning light, and water as a main theme combined with the notion that the suitor made a “splash” with his proposal inspired the title.



The second ViDoc segment is titled “Passion” in the three part “Zales Engagement” video series. The inspiration for the title came from multiple elements; the female model’s red outfit, physical gestures such as the male model lifting the female model up in the air as well as sweeping her off her feet, the impromptu kiss, which surprised the male model, etc. It is worth noting that they had just met that day – great on screen chemistry!



The third ViDoc segment is titled “Twilight” in the three part “Zales Engagement” video series. The inspiration for the title came from the time of day chosen for the shoot. This location had lots of fun textures to capture for “B roll” footage. During the shoot, I had the idea to find paired elements such as the two butterflies and the two candle flames, having them act as metaphors to reinforce the idea of two romantic mates for life. Click the full screen icon on the bottom right for maximum experience.

After Effects

Canon Products



Premiere Pro

On Location

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